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KM.haircare by Semeraro sells outstanding haircare products and treatments from the Kevin.Murphy brand. Find a routine that corresponds to your haircare needs from the available treatment collections. And if you need any help, our team is on hand to advise you!

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Is your hair fine and lacking in volume? The Volume collection gives your hair body without weighing it down thanks to ingredients carefully chosen for their volumising benefits.


Treat your locks to nourishing and moisturising treatments. Say goodbye to dull, dry, coarse hair and hello to healthy, shiny hair!


Designed for fine hair, the Thickening routine aims to strengthen and thicken hair through a combination of thickening technology and high-quality natural ingredients.


Care for dry and damaged hair with the Repair range comprising beneficial ingredients that restore, improve and strengthen hair.


The combination of lavender and jojoba refreshes, brightens and fixes shades of blonde or grey resulting in radiant hair with revived colour.


Created for ageing, dry and brittle hair, this range deeply nourishes and restores shine and lustre thank to carefully selected ingredients.


This range of products aims to detoxify both the scalp and hair with natural cleansing, purifying, exfoliating and stimulating ingredients. It is particularly suitable for hair suffering from an accumulation of toxic substances, the use of medication or discolouration caused by chlorine.


The Curl collection is ideal for curly and wavy hair, and helps treat, enhance and define curls and waves thanks to a cocktail of fruit and flower ingredients.

Colour care

The Colour care range is ideal for touching up the roots of your coloured hair to hide regrowth while you wait for your next colour appointment.


Protect your hair from heat damage (up to 232°C) with a range of products formulated with innovative technologies and high-quality ingredients.


Give your hair a casual yet seductive beach look with the Texture range, which combines the benefits of honey, lemon and mandarin to give your hair body and texture.


Specially created for thick, unmanageable hair, the Smooth range disciplines frizz thanks to a range of ingredients including Mango, Shea and Murumuru Butter.

Style control

Style and control are the keywords that best describe this range. It comprises products that enhance and maintain your hair thanks to high performance formulas that include ivy, green tea and bamboo extract.

Boost the health, look and texture of your hair with ‘made to order’ haircare products from the collection. Each product addresses a specific need, such as hydration, strength, thickening or anti-ageing of the hair. is a range of hair colour products by Kevin.Murphy for optimal and natural results. Formulated with gentle, natural ingredients, these products not only colour, but moisturise, rejuvenate and give a beautiful shine to the hair while also not harming the environment.

3-step technology:

  • 1- Molecular coupling to reduce irritation and minimise the risk of allergy.
  • 2- Delaying the oxidation process for a more precise application and a uniform colour.
  • 3- Special micro-pigments that penetrate the hair fibres for a shinier and healthier look.


The Men’s range has been specially formulated for men’s specific haircare needs. It includes treatments that promote strength and vitality and that boost and revitalise the hair, as well as a wide range of styling products.

Discover the various ranges of products and learn more about the Kevin.Murphy brand and the Semeraro Hair Salon, an  official retailer of Kevin.Murphy products.

If you have any questions, our team will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information and advice. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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